About Edinburgh Short Film Festival

Edinburgh Short Film Festival Call for Entries 2017, ESFF. Submission deadlines & call for entries, prizes & events for 2017. Short Film Festivals 2017

Devoted to screening short film from Edinburgh, Scotland and around the world, The ESFF
evolved from the Leith Short Film Festival in 2011 and has shown everything – from the first
film made in Somalia in 20 years, to Oscar nominated shorts from Australia, the USA and
Ireland, as well as short films smuggled out of China and Iran – and hosted visiting film-makers
from China, Russia, Italy, Spain, Germany, Holland and all over the UK.

We have hosted Q and A sessions with Mark Kermode, held pavement cinema screenings
at pancake kiosk in town, hosted a night of Shetlandic shorts with visiting Viking warriors, and we’ve
taken some of our best short films on tour to the Sardinia Film Festival and also to the
Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival.
Our plans for next year include holding screenings in Tokyo at Short Shorts Film Festival,
Japan’s biggest short film event, and we’re planning on holding screenings of animated shorts,
curating short film nights for Hidden Door Arts Festival and much more!

Our dedicated team are:

Paul Bruce:                      Festival Director

Yulia Kovanova:               Artistic Director

Federica Pugliese:           Project Co-Ordinator

Elsa Vibert:                      Project Manager

Devin Karambelas           Press & Marketing Co-Ordinator

Pete Carson & Nadia Dermatopoulou  Recorded Interviewers

Carys Evans                     Presenter

Anna Kumacheva            Event Co-Ordinator

Alice Shone                     Film & Photography Co-ordinator

Athina Gerolympou         Event Co-Ordinator/Photography

Nicola Laing & Kadi Alikas          Front of House

Sanne Huizenga:                Ushering